Chris Grieco Creations
The Art of Chris Grieco Lives Here.



What happened to Chris Grieco Creations?

I killed it. With a knife. Then changed the name to Chris Grieco Art because it sounds less corny.

Do you make your own shirts?

I only do the art. I have professionals take care of the printing so they come out as sexy as possible.

What's the deal with the "Design By Hümans" thing in your shop?

Design By Hümans is an artist collective that helps give you guys more options in the way of getting my art on shirts and phone cases. If I don't have what you're looking for in my Shop, chances are my Design By Hümans shop will have it for you.

Can I return something?

Maybe. Send me an email.

Why is your apparel more expensive than Walmart's? What, do you think I'm made of money!?


Can you do art for me?


Can you do it for free?


Whoa, I didn't expect to pay that much for art. Why are you charging so much?

Because I want you to go broke.

I was offended by something your drew.

Just doing my job, no need to thank me :)

Do you have an email list?